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You can also earn money by Traffic Exchange. My 10% of total earning Traffic Exchangecomes from this way.

Traffic Exchange is a different way of money making, not like other ways. So, you can take some time to learn this way.

Its very simple. In this way we visit others websites earn money and credits. when a member register on Traffic Exchange website then he visits other members website and earn credits which he can later use make traffic to his own website or can convert them into cash.

Traffic Exchange is always interchange traffic between two websites.


Websites Visiting Procedure

Its same like PTC site. This is the second way of money making by counting time. Like PTC when time counter comes in zero then another site open in same window. For visiting each site we will earn credits.

In the traffic exchange program "credit" using as a currency and credit ratio defines the value of credit.


1) Ratio 1:1 with this ratio, for earn 200 credits you have to visit 200 websites (In this ratio time count for 20 seconds)

2) Ratio 2:1 with this ratio, for earn 100 credits you have to visit 200 websites (In this ratio time count for 15 seconds)

3) Ratio 1:2 with this ratio, for earn 200 credits you have to visit 100 websites (In this ratio time count for 40 seconds)


How can I Use Those Credits?

First of all you can assign to your own website and get more visitors or hits or say more traffic to your website.

When you assign them to your website you will surely get visits. If you don’t want use those credits for make traffic your own website no problem. You can assign those credits to your referral link or affiliate links and you can earn when someone signup using your link. This is calling Paid per Lead.

You can promote your website by using these credits. Also you can use these credits in many ways.


Is There any Restriction per Day?

There is no restriction per day to earn credits. More you work is more money you make. This is my favorite way to earn money online.


Request for Cashout

You have to earn minimum 3 or 4 dollars, then you can request for cashout. They will send your money to your Payza or PayPal account.


Traffic Exchange Site Links

I have given below some Traffic Exchange websites Links you can start from here.








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